Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One Month

It's hard to believe Grace has only been part of our family for one month. This weekend was packed with activities related to this anniversary, which is so important in Vietnamese culture.

On Friday, I took her to have a well-visit with the pediatrician. Apparently, she's gaining weight like crazy...more than 20% of her body weight in two weeks! Her stats were: 22 inches long (83rd percentile) and 9lb 14oz (71st percentile).

Sunday afternoon, we held a family luncheon at Wildfire restaurant to celebrate her one-month birthday. As always, it was great seeing most of my family again. The food was terrific and the atmosphere was very nice. Grace received a lot of beautiful gifts and money for her college fund from our generous guests. One day, she'll realize how lucky she is to have such a loving and supportive family....Thank you, everyone (because I know the ones that matter read this blog!).

Gracie's crossed eyes = working on something in her diaper, no doubt!

Sophie is really a ham these days.

This is one photogenic family. Nice smiles!

Seriously, doesn't my aunt look sooo young? She has a college-aged kid!

One of Sophie's best babysitters, my cousin Aimee.

Some of my closest and bestest cousins.

This pose has left me at a loss for words.

My sister and my honorary sister (who is really my cousin Jenny), and moi


  1. nice subliminal messaging. and thanks for the deelishh food mily!

  2. Sophie looks beautiful in her dress.