Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent the holiday weekend with many of our extended family members in NJ. It's an annual tradition we have, where we all travel up to my aunt's house and stay there, barbecuing and gorging ourselves all weekend. It was lots of fun, as always. Here are some highlights:

Buying tickets for the train into NYC

Snack and potty break at Dean and Deluca. By the way, these toilet covers are da bomb.

30 Rock

Our main reason for going into NYC...FAO Schwarz.

The Big piano

Bodhi having fun with the sprinkler in the backyard. This photo and the three super awesome ones that follow were taken by my cousin, Ashley.

Food and family...make me happy.

There's nothing more flattering than training pants.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Farmers' Market

Despite our potty training plans, we made a last minute decision to venture out in public for the Farmers' Market this weekend. It was a little hot and humid, but a good time nonetheless. We bought strawberries, apples and kettle corn and ate them on the spot!

Yes, this look like a muumuu, but I needed a huge flowy dress to cover up the large plastic training pants Sophie was wearing.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

First School Photo

Sophie, Age 2.5

I forgot they were taking school photos this day, and Darren sent her to school with major uncombed bedhead. This was the best that her poor teachers could do with her hair.

Potty Training Weekend

We decided that this weekend we were going to put Sophie through potty training boot-camp. No diapers except for naptime and bedtime. Friday was a disaster, she went through 8 pairs of Batman underwear and was constantly wetting the floor. She just couldn't hold it in. Today, was the complete opposite--we switched to waterproof training pants and she only had one accident right before bedtime, when she couldn't pull her pants down fast enough. I hope she gets the hang of it before I send her to school on Monday morning!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fountain Fun

Today turned out to be a perfect evening to let Sophie romp through the fountain at Fairfax Corner. She had a blast. While we were there, my parents surprised us by showing up to play with Sophie. I think they had just as much fun as she did!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Seed Bombs

Spotted over at Anthropologie: Seed bombs...throw them into your garden, and watch a mixture of butterfly and bird-friendly wildflowers grow (choose from 3 combinations). At $6 a pouch, this would make a great party favor when combined with these 99 cent pots for budding gardeners.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

First Gift

I came home and found this in the mail from Darren's cousin, Mylene. She painted this unique. It's my baby's first gift!

Perfect Saturday

Just arrived at the Fine Arts festival in Reston.

What a fun Saturday we had! The weather was absolutely perfect, and we were out and about early in the morning. We visited the Reston Fine Arts festival, where we strolled around looking at interesting artwork and eating junk food. Then, after a nap at home, we had my cousins come over for a casual barbeque, which lasted until near midnight! To me, there is no better smell in the summer than charcoal grilling.

These days, I ask for a smile and she gives me weird poses.

I am addicted to tart frozen yogurt.

Michou's little helper

The kids were not cool with this realistic biker man.

Asleep with a book and a chicken tender in hand..that's MY daughter.

After nap, sitting at the table with the big kids.

Wendy and Jenny

Bratwurst and hot dogs

Nicholas, Lyndsey, Sophs and Aimee

Michou and Remy

What it's all about.


Darren and Quang