Friday, November 5, 2010

Party In a Box

With two little girls, much of my social calendar is filled up with children's birthday parties, both as a guest and a host and planner.  I love the idea of a handmade party, but it's been very time consuming to come up with ideas (or steal from other blogs) and then source and make all the decor (never again, candy necklace garland!).  The Acme Party Box Company seems to be a great solution.  Started by a couple of women who love throwing parties, this company offers all the decor, favors, and activities I need to make my party smashing.  Above is the circus-themed party...I love that it includes quickly degradable bamboo plates and stemware, plus vintage toy centerpieces for decor.  I will put this little resource in my back pocket for my future parties!

all images via Acme Party Box Company

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