Friday, February 4, 2011

Errand Day

Fridays are my day off of "work" every week, since I work 10 hours on the other weekdays.  Unfortunately, those are the days where I really have to WORK.  There's hardly a moment's rest from the time I'm shaken awake in the morning by Darren.  By noon today, I'd already accomplished so much!

I got Sophie ready for school in the morning, made sure she had something to "show and share" (it's Fridays) and got her there just in time for a Valentine's Day activity.  Sophie's teacher and I chatted about their Valentine's Day party and what I could bring.  After dropping Sophie off at preschool, Grace and I headed off to do some grocery shopping at Costco and Whole Foods.  Poor Grace...she has to take her morning nap wherever she can get it.

Looking disgruntled in her sleep.

Do you know how heavy it is to haul LIQUIDS around when you're wearing a baby in a carrier?

Then, when we got home, I took some pictures of the infant carseat and stroller so that I could list them on Craigslist.  My neighbor rolled up in her car and we made tentative plans for a playdate (for our infants!  Is this really going to be productive?).

After putting all the groceries away and cleaning my refrigerator, Grace and I can finally roll around on the bed for a little breather.  2 hours to go before picking up Sophie!

It's all worth it in the end!

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