Tuesday, October 11, 2011

LA Baby!

What a great trip we had to LA!  We did soooo many things in the few days we had.  It could've been more relaxing, but we were a little too ambitious with our plans.  The absolute best parts of the trip were seeing my cousin Jenny and our drive to Malibu.  The only bad part (and it was bad) was the atrocious traffic.  30 miles in 3 hours?  Oh yeah...every day, every time of day.  Needless to say, we had a very L.A. experience while we were there.  Ate at cool places, drove along the coast, and hung out among the beautiful people.  Here are the highlights:

We celebrated Sophie's 4th Birthday at Disneyland.  This was the only really touristy part of our trip, but one that Sophie has been looking forward to for months now.  All she wanted to do was to meet the princesses.

Sophie actually had a party at the My Disneyland Birthday Party.  Two words: rip-off.  We could've had more fun just walking around the park.
Eating the birthday cake she designed herself.

No one had more fun at the My Disneyland Birthday Party than Grace!

We experienced the most perfect drive to Malibu...it epitomized what I love about California.

Look at the beautiful coastline!
The kids conked out after a while.
Eating among bikers and surfers at Neptune's Nest.  Great seafood dive joint!

...we decided to continue up the coast to Santa Barbara....

Sophie enjoying Yogurtland froyo.

Looking for treasures at the Melrose Trading Post flea market:

She really really really wanted some vintage-looking Batman posters.

Chilling at the hotel pool.  We always stay at the same hotel in Century City (for about 10 years now!), the Century Plaza Hyatt.  Best. hotel. ever.

A final breakfast at The Farm of Beverly Hills.  It was delicious!!  And some of us saw David Spade!

Local and organic.  I love the way Californians eat.

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