Friday, December 2, 2011


I'm been so incredibly busy these last few weeks and won't be able to come up for air for at least another much so that my Christmas tasks are falling way behind. I haven't even bought my Christmas cards yet and usually I'm ready to send those out the day after Thanksgiving! Well, my lack of posts doesn't mean that we haven't been doing a lot of family activities. It was a wonderful, amazing Thanksgiving weekend filled with the thing I'm most grateful for this year: my family (extended and immediate)!

Grace loves baths, but her skin is so sensitive she can only take them once in a blue moon.  Poor kid.

Sophie has a great imagination and can play for hours with the simplest toys.

My dad with his two baby granddaughters.  He's a great grandfather!

Ashley, my cousin and nanny/photographer/kid chauffeur extraordinaire!

Celebrating Darren's birthday at his parents' house.

Sophie was very excited about her advent calendar.

Sophie and Grace with Darren's parents.

A bunch of my cousins came over to hang out the night after Thanksgiving.  Here is my niece Remy with Grace.  I absolutely love these girls!

Sophie had so much quality time with her favorite person, Uncle Daniel.

Sophie visits the Ice Princess before meeting Santa.

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