Saturday, May 12, 2012

Long Time, No Blog...

It's been so long since I've last blogged!  Springtime is in full bloom around here and along came with that was the hustle and bustle of outdoor activities, vacation planning, farmer's markets and outdoor festivals.  Fun stuff! Instead of a long winded recap, here are some snapshots from my life lately:

The Pied Paper was featured on another blog, Arthouse.  The author is a graphic designer, and her talent really shows!  Check out this compilation of golden glittery goodness:

image via Arthouse

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week!  Unfortunately, I didn't remember this until Wednesday.  Also unfortunate: between the two girls there are twelve teachers.  So, I stayed up until 5:30am on Thursday night making twelve sets of stationary as gifts for the teachers.  That's 60 cards.  Luckily, I had taken the day off and had taken a four hour nap earlier, so I survived Teacher Appreciation Week 2012.

On Friday, I was at home with Gracie and did our usual running around.  Gracie and I braved Costco.

Gracie, check.  Chik-fil-A nuggets, check.  Milk, check.  Juice, check.  Running errands and eating at the same time.  We're always living on-the-go.  

I did not relish packing my car all by myself.  Or unloading those things into my house!

 But since the weather was perfect, we also fit in a whole lot of doin' nothing.  Life is busy, busy, busy, but soooo good!

Grace wearing her sister's gear and riding her sister's trike.  Guess who she emulates?

Grace has taken to strolling around like a 70-year old man. 

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