Monday, July 9, 2012

Phamily Reunion - Cancun 2012

I just came back from an amazing family reunion in Cancun!  The beach and weather were beautiful, but my favorite part was being with my family!  We did what we do best--ate buffets, swam en masse in the ocean and the pool, slept on the beach, and clubbed (yes, clubbed!!).  I haven't been clubbing in about 15 years, but my nice hubby watched the kids while I joined all my cousins at Mandala and The City.  I expected to feel wayyyy old, but you know what--it was really fun just being with them!  I love these guys....Best. Reunion. Ever!!

Two of my favorite people: Jenny (who organized the reunion), and my sister Michou.

Remy (2), Colin (6), Bodhi (4), Grace (almost 2), Sophie (4.5)

Guess who got some air on the right??  

My family.  Thank you, Darren, for being such a great sport on this trip!

"dos hijas"

My female cousins.  We are really tight!  Love you all.

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