Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Festival

Hello friends...if you're still out there...I'm back, from what's probably been my longest hiatus yet.  Life got in the way, and I found that blogging fell to the bottom of my to-do's.  Much has happened in the past few months, some good things, some bad things...My baby turned 2 years old in July.  She's no longer just a baby, and is well on her way to becoming a sassy girl.  It seems like another lifetime when I was taking 20 pictures of her a day and posting regularly to the blog!  Also, I started a new job, which was a bittersweet experience.  I left many friends, but was ready to take the next step in my career.  Finally, my father in law passed away.  It has been a stressful and emotional draining few weeks.

But I'm back, and ready to begin the updates on my life again!  We have been keeping very busy and still doing fun things.  Last weekend, we went to a Fall Festival with our cousins.  The weather was absolutely perfect!  Crisp and sunny you can see, the kids had a great, wholesome time!

Sophie's looking forward to joining the Girl Scouts next year, when she's eligible to be a Daisy!

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