Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ethan's 3rd Birthday Party

Sophie's cousin, Ethan aka Little Romeo, celebrated his 3rd Birthday today. Sophie had one of the greatest times ever, zooming in on Ethan's million toys as soon as she arrived. She couldn't decide which one she wanted to play with first, so she played with them all. My family is all about the food when it comes to parties, and Ethan's parents provided a great spread. I loved the party. It was small and intimate, but had all the right elements: good food, good company and a very cute birthday boy.

Ethan graciously allowed Sophie to blow out the candles after he was done.
By the way, toddler candle blowing = spittle on cake

This "Finding Nemo" cake was da bomb. Wegmans does a great job decorating.

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  1. t ime to teach him how to suck c--k, toddlers suck best