Monday, October 11, 2010

Sophie's 3rd Birthday Party

 Sophie's 3rd Birthday party was tons of fun!  The theme was Batman, which our little girl loves (although now he's battling with the Disney Princesses for her favor).  To make the day fun for the kiddos, we had a Batman moonbounce, face painting, a candy bar, and even a visit from the Dark Knight, himself!

Princess Sophie, herself

Darren and I stayed up until 1am baking and decorating these cupcakes.  They were made with love!

Our facepainter working her magic.  She did a great job!

The kids loved The Batman!

Gracie was an angel, allowing me to do my thing and run the party.

Sophie enjoying her spoils the next day.  Please excuse my bedhead.


  1. This party was AWESOME. Especially the delicious (totally worth the time/effort!)

  2. OMgosh, Alex had a blast at Sophie's Birthday party! And the cupcakes were soooooooo GOOD and moist! I need to get the recipe from you. :) Thanks for having us - it was a lot of FUN and so creative!

  3. Very fun day! I think the kids had a blast. As for me...the Batsuit needed an A/C system built in. You outdid yourself though with everything! Great job!

  4. There are more pictures to come on fotki! There were about 55+ that did not get uploaded, so my parents are taking on that task since I am already back at school!

  5. Looks like a fantastic party!!!!