Wednesday, December 1, 2010


 These past 10 days has been incredibly busy with family events, and unfortunately I haven't had a moment to keep this journal updated.  Here is a potpourri of my life, in snapshots:

Grace and I waiting for my sister to be done with her haircut at Vidal Sassoon.  I overslept and missed my own appointment.

Sophie trying to pray at our family Buddhist temple.  We were there to commemorate my grandfather's passing, four years ago.

My cousin Ashley from New Jersey came, as well as many other relatives from (literally) across the country to honor my grandfather.  A yearly tradition in our family.

Sophie hanging out outside the Buddhist temple after the ceremony.  I loved her red capelet.  She insisted on throwing a wrench in my perfect outfit and bringing the pink purse, but it was cute.

Sophie and Darren waiting outside.  They were both really patient throughout the long ceremony!

One of the rare pictures of my two girls together.  My awesome, awesome aunt and her family babysat for us so that we could watch the latest Harry Potter movie.  I have a great family!

Sophie at her Oma's house for Thanksgiving.  I was so proud of her--sitting quietly at her end of the table and feeding herself the entire time.  No ipod necessary this time!

Grace at Thanksgiving.  She's growing into such a pretty girl.

The girls chilling with their dad on our bed.  Watching TV, what we do best!

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