Friday, February 10, 2012

Sunny Day

Hello friends, it's been a while! I've been too busy and tired to post for a couple of weeks now, but I do have some small projects to tell you about soon. It's just that I hate to post projects until they're done, so it's not as if I haven't been doing anything--I just can't tell you about them yet. For now, I'll just subject you to another series of pictures of my Gracie. Today was unusually sunny and pleasant and we walked around outdoors, waiting for my mom to get a facial at Red Door.

This winter hat makes her look a little Rastafarian.

We were lonely--there's no one shopping this early on a Friday morning.

I gave her a mint to keep her busy.

Just waiting, and waiting, and waiting for my mom to be done.

Killing time at Caribou coffee

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