Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Chicken Nugget

I have to begin this post by admitting certain shameful things:

1) I let my kid eat chicken nuggets.  Fried chicken nuggets.  From a fast food joint.

2) I let her eat it in my bedroom, on  my bed.  Because this is where we chill on Fridays, before she takes her nap.

3) She eats it while watching cartoons on TV.  While I’m relaxing and surfing the net.

Alright—now that that’s all out of the way…enjoy these pics of my chicken nugget eating her nuggets!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Grace is getting so cute and big. And thanks for keep it real. I feel so guilty that I give my son an ipad so that I can prepare dinner.

  2. The above comment was from me. Tiffanie =)

    1. Thanks Tiffanie! It's all about balancing out your best intentions for your kids with the need to keep your sanity :)