Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring Wardrobe

I used to spend a lot of time buying clothes for Sophie. She was like a doll that I could dress up. But ever since she started going a preschool that required uniforms, I was not keeping up. I realized recently that we've been recycling the same two or three outfits for months, because I didn't really need regular clothes for her during the week. All of her clothes were too small and too tight.  So this past week, I've been getting her Spring wardrobe in order. Here are some cute things I've picked up...and thank goodness for MYHABIT, by the way! It's where I got a lot of the pieces from kicokids and Neige:

Darla blouse from Neige

Bensimon Tennis Elastique from Neige

Skirt from kicokids

Dress from Neige

Dress from Tea do you like Sophie's haircut, by the way?

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