Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

We followed our usual tradition of having dinner at Maggiano's in Chevy Chase to celebrate the new year tonight. I love this because it's casual, low-key, involves good food and people you're comfortable with. I'm so over the days of dressing up in clothes that aren't warm enough and wearing high heels that cramped my feet--all to go to a party or club where it was too loud to hear my friends. Tonight was perfect...58 minutes to go until midnight, Sophie is well-fed and fast asleep in bed, and Darren and I can ring in the new year together (in peace)!

Yes she is wearing sweats, but there was freezing rain tonight--I swear!

Darren and my sister Michou, who is 5 months preggers with her second baby..woohoo!

The kiddos were taking a break from sparring with forks.

The conversation was riveting. We recapped our best and worst moments of 2009.

Maggiano's never disappoints.

What a nice way to end the night, with a bubble bath. She was an angel today!

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