Friday, March 12, 2010


This recent blog post about Genetically Modified Organisms is really disturbing to me, especially since I love corn and all corn-products....who'd have thought that I was eating something by the made by the same people who brought us Agent Orange? Yikes...

On a more light-hearted note....would this be taking my love of corn too far?

Wow, she looks so comfortable.


  1. That may be the only safe corn left! :(


  2. YES.

    Also, there is a quick clip in there from the author of "the omnivore's dilemma" which is a book that should be on everybodys must read list.

  3. TJ, did you see Food Inc.? I watched part of it, and I saw the Oprah special on it. I think everyone should see it, for sure. I need to finish it, myself. It really made me think.