Saturday, March 20, 2010

Zoo Day (First Day of Spring)

Darren and Sophie looking at the tiger.

When I realized that this weekend's forecast was to be in the 70s and sunny, I immediately decided that our family would visit the National Zoo on Saturday. This was actually Sophie's third trip to a zoo, but she seemed to appreciate it the most this time around. After reading Good Night Gorilla about a hundred times, she was all ready to see the zoo animals in person. We had a great view of the gorillas, elephants, tigers and lions. They were the highlights of her zoo trip, and a great start to the new season.

Sophie, Bodhi, and their dads in the Reptile House. Darren is hoping that the snake will miraculously wave back.

Snack break

My sister's not fat, she's preggers and almost due!

Sophie had chocolate milk for the first time at Elevation Burger afterwards. It was a hit.

She gets her sweet tooth from her dad. That's an orange creamsicle shake he's having. It was delish.

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