Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

What you get when you ask Sophie to smile for the camera.

Today was my 3rd Mother's Day as a mom. Every year, it seems as if the day means more to me and I am more reflective of what motherhood really means and how much it has changed me. Mothering has been my most profound and transformative experience--more than going away to college, working my way through law school, living on my own, or getting married. Motherhood taught me about the depths of love and sacrifice, tested my patience and stamina when I thought I had none left to give, gave my life focus and singular purpose, and has rewarded me beyond measure. So, on this day, I don't expect any thanks or presents from my daughter...instead, I am grateful that she came along and gave me these gifts.

One of my favorite presents ever. I should've expected that I would have received this from Sophie's school, but I didn't and it was a sweet surprise.

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