Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Keeping Your Desktop Clutter-Free

image via Apartment Therapy

With the creation of Sophie's big girl room, we've had to combine the office and our master bedroom into one. Unfortunately, this means having a often cluttered and messy desk right where I'm supposed to be relaxing. So, it was very timely when I ran across this post from Apartment Therapy on desk decluttering tips.

To sum it up, here are four easy ways to help keep yourself from drowning in desk clutter (reposted from AT):

Have a trash can and a basket for recycling right next to the desk.

A large-ish inbox. Anything that can't be filed or dealt with immediately goes into a basket/box, and then at a set time go through the box starting with the item on top. At this time, nothing can go back into the inbox. It either has to be filed or pitched.

Keep a stack of file folders and a labeling marker within reach.

Keep the basics and nothing more. You don't need 100 pens and 1,000 pads of sticky notes. Storage for extras can be near by, but not sitting on the desktop.

Just in time for Spring cleaning and my master bedroom redecoration!

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