Sunday, April 17, 2011

9 months

Grace, 9 months 1 day
It seems as if in the past month, Grace's development has zoomed forward.  She's such a fun baby these days, we are relishing this stage.  She can seat herself up, crawl on her hands and knees, pull herself to a kneeling position, grab the tiniest debris on the floor with her thumb and forefinger and feed it to herself(!), babbles a lot and loudly, shake her head no, wave bye-bye, clap her hands, and make a scary face (growl included!).  And as always, she wakes up smiling and goes to bed smiling.  We love her so!

Her stats this check-up:

Height: 28.5 inches (82 %-tile)
Weight: 20lb 3oz (75 %-tile)

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