Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend, Part Deux

Today was the best Easter I've ever had.  It had all the ingredients that make the perfect day for me: family, great food, and the outdoors.  My cousin had an amazing party at her house and did a fantastic job organizing traditional Easter activities for the kids: egg dyeing, an Easter egg roll and an egg hunt.  It was great because for the first time ever, Sophie was old enough to understand the games.  She got pretty competitive during the egg hunt.  I saw her speeding up towards some eggs to edge out her cousins!  In the afternoon, we joined some of our neighbors for an egg hunt just for the kids on our street.  By then, Sophie was a pro!  At the end of the day, she had a ton of candy and toys.  What a sweet life she has!


  1. The girls are so beautiful. I'm so proud I get to call them my nieces!

  2. Yes, they do look just like me, don't they? Hahahah....That's so nice of you Lyndsey. Thank you!!