Monday, May 30, 2011

Best Memorial Day Weekend

For the past four years, it's been a tradition for my family to gather in New Jersey on Memorial Day weekend.  My aunt, uncle and cousins have a gorgeous house in Holmdel and about 30 of us gather there to barbeque, play cards, sing karaoke, and just spend some quality time together.  This year was the best year yet, in my opinion.  We celebrated my cousin Ashley's graduation from college.  More family members were able to come (more cousins for Sophie to play with) and we spent Sunday at the beach in Long Branch.  After the beach, we went to what is now my favorite buffet, Ichi Umi, before heading home.  As you can see from the pictures below, my kids had a blast! 

Grace really enjoyed exploring the maze of rooms.

Congratulations, Ashley!

Sophie and her 3 cousins were addicted to the bubbles.


Doing Face Time with Jenny, who was absent for the first year ever.

She can't be smiley all the time!

Sophie at the beach with her second obsession: UNCLE DANIEL.

Uncle Daniel text to friend: "FML"

Uncle Daniel is a teenager who definitely has better things to do than play with toddlers!

The next day, we are at home already, but boy are we beat!

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  1. I am so happy you made a post!!! Also, I forgot to tell you that I showed your blog and etsy to one of my friends 2-3 weeks ago and she asked me if you were a professional photographer. :)