Friday, February 19, 2010


Today was my special day. The day started off with the news of a tragic event that really made me reflect on what is important in my life. The rest of the day went well...I got some nice, meaningful little surprises and spent the entire day with the people I love the most, and today I was especially grateful.

Darren stayed home from work today and I had the day off, so our little family of 3.5 went to lunch at Rio Grande. Sophie is sharing a chip with me.

She loves those tortilla chips.

Especially with chile con queso.

The real celebration for my birthday was at Present, where my parents, Michou and family, and Jenny joined us.

The "present"-ation was really nice. Harharhar...

I love Apple for inventing ipods to keep kids busy and well-behaved at dinnertime. The three of us are big fans of Wallace and Gromit.

My mom and Jenny, who begrudgingly let me take her picture.

This delish flan was a sweet surprise at the end...thank you, Darren.

Sophie likes to blow out birthday candles. I'm giving her a little help in this pic.

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