Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby Gap Spring Porcelain Collection

I really have to give credit to Baby Gap. They have exceeded my expectations in terms of making cute girls clothes available that don't have 1) Disney characters, 2) too many ruffles, 3) loud, garish colors, and 4) obnoxious slogans. I mean, am I the only mom that doesn't want her toddler to be a "DIVA" or look like Britney Spears? (Good riddance to Club Libby Lu!)

Here are two outfits from their Porcelain collection that I love:

This hat would look great.....

Floppy Straw Sun Hat, $17

...with this tunic.

Embroidered Top, $25

And these sunglasses are so chic....

Round Sunglasses, $9

...with this romper.

Chambray Romper, $25


  1. My sister works for Gap Corp - baby gap online division. Do you usually get F&F discount? If not, I can keep you posted for the next promo.

  2. Tiffanie,

    That would be great!! I spend sooo much money there. It really doesn't help that I have a Banana Republic credit's addictive!