Saturday, February 13, 2010

Making a Valentine

So, remember when I blogged about the Valentine Heart Hand Stamp? Well, today Sophie and I tried to make one. It didn't turn out too well. I'm sure it's super easy and there's just something wrong with me, but...Sophie's enthusiasm for the project last about two minutes, and then she quickly tired of the whole affair and found that it was much more fun to just play with the paint containers than actually finger painting. I should've known it would all go south when I put her fist in the paint and all she said was "EWWWW." Oh well...hope her daddy appreciates it anyway!

I was all hyped up about the project and got all the supplies together.

First sign of trouble: the red paint looks gelatinous and not dark enough.

Making a valentine under duress.

See? Not that great. I'm not sure that kid fists can really look like a heart.

Okay, on to more fun things.

Cradling her "baby"


  1. These are some really nice photos!

  2. Thanks Lyndsey!

    I didn't even have to edit them. Natural light is the best!