Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pack Mule

A typical day's contents of my bag

I've always been known to carry strange and random things in my purse (fork, anyone?), but since I've become a mom it's gotten ridiculous. Now I have to carry emergency items for 4 people instead of just one and that means my load gets pretty heavy. And the saddest part is that despite everything I lug with me, I never have what I really need in a pinch! Here's what I was lugging last Saturday afternoon (beginning from top row, left):

- kid's spoon
- Strawberry Shortcake Happy Meal toy and matching cookie cutter
- pacifier
- various coupons and sale flyers (some long expired)
- kid's story CD
- pen
- vegetable peeler (because sometimes Darren needs to peel an apple in an emergency!)
- diapers
- my real purse with a million other things inside
- dance tights
- steroid cream for Grace's occasional rash
- extra invitation to Sophie's birthday party (in case I run into someone in an awkward "oh, the invitation must've gotten lost in the mail" situation)
- baby wipes
- ballet shoes
- tap shoes

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