Thursday, September 10, 2009

San Diego Zoo

The fake animals were much easier to pose with.

One of the highlights of my trip thus far has been the San Diego Zoo. It was so rewarding to see Sophie connect the real animals with cartoon and toy animals from her everyday life. Because of the great habitats at the zoo, we were able to see almost every animal up close--often only inches away. This is the best zoo I've ever been to, and I'd recommend it to every family who visits Southern California.

This pretty much looks like me when I nap, too.

You can barely even see the pandas at other zoos. We were very close to them here, as you can see.

Sophie's geared up and ready to go. Check out her new Bensimon sneakers...I love them!

Panda leash = lifesaver (literally, since she ran onto the path of a few tour buses)

One of this camel's humps was flopped over...does that mean it needed a water fill-up?

Sophie was amazed by all the real animals she saw.

Sewww cute!

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