Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lamill Coffee

In a stroke of pure serendipity, one of my favorite bloggers (and the inspiration for my own blog), Jora from Domestic Reflections, recently wrote about how she spent a few days in L.A. She mentioned that she had a great coffee experience at Lamill, in Silver Lake. Since I always wanted to check out the Silver Lake neighborhood, I decided to drop in and try Lamill myself. Darren and I are no coffee connoisseurs, but I can honestly say that we had an excellent time here. Everything from the food and drink to the design are carefully thought out. Next time I return to L.A., Lamill will definitely be on my list of must-return places!

The dining room (which looks much better in person) was opulent, traditional and modern all together.

Tap water tastes much better when served in a beautiful carafe!

Iced Hong Kong Milk Tea

Spiced Rooibos Milk Tea

Grilled cheese sandwich with fresh tomatoes and fresh fruit (best I've ever had)

Darren said it was the best steak and eggs he's ever had. The sauce on the steak is a house specialty.

A perfect finish to the meal: house-made brioche donut holes with side of vanilla creme

These are the little tricks that parents need to keep a kid good at a nice restaurant.

Sophie was not cool with all the picture-taking.

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