Friday, September 11, 2009

Pizzeria Mozza

We went to another one of Jora's recommendations for lunch today, and it was a winner! I knew Pizzeria Mozza had to be good when we came yesterday at lunchtime and they told us we couldn't be accommodated without a reservation. We made a reservation for the following day and showed up promptly to make sure our table wasn't given away. Best pizzeria I've ever been to. The crust was thin and light, and the toppings very flavorful and original. We even ordered an extra pizza to go!

Meatballs al forno ("from the oven", for us unsophisticated types)

Pizza with fennel sausage, panna (heavy cream), and red onions

Classic margherita pizza

On a last note, we had another celebrity sighting there! Giovanni Ribisi was sitting about two feet away from us at the bar.

image via Times Live

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