Monday, April 5, 2010

Cream-Colored Bedroom

image via House Beautiful

I've been staring at this image of Ina Garten's Manhattan bedroom for a while now, mesmerized by the simplicity and tranquility of the space. I think I'll repaint the room a cream color first, then reupholster my headboard in a cream linen. Random thoughts (sorry!) for my design inspiration files.


  1. Marriott called, they want their room back. Ok, not funny...I like it, but it does look like a hotel room to me. I think its the lamp and chair.

  2. I like this; it looks peaceful and simple. I do kinda see what Todd means, although I disagree about the armchairs... those look elegant and nice to me. I think the lampshade is a bit boring and that flower picture on the wall is generic looking. With a different lampshade and maybe several black-and-white family photos on the wall there, it would look more stylish and personalised. The cream cableknit blanket on the bed is good because it adds some needed textural contrast.