Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had an eventful Easter weekend. The weather could not have been more perfect and we were outside for much of the time. On Saturday, we went to an Easter egg hunt at Cox Farms. It was free, thus very crowded and chaotic. I've never attended an Easter egg hunt as an adult, and I didn't realize it was so competitive! Man, parents acted like the eggs were made of gold or something. The hunt started at 10am but when we walked in at 10:03am, almost all of the eggs were gone. A two-year old with no understanding of the game had no chance.

Luckily, today was relatively more relaxing. We had an early Easter dinner with Darren's family. Sophie got totally spoiled and did not eat anything besides jellybeans and chocolate. In the end, her favorite part of the whole weekend was a small Batman car that her uncle gave her as an Easter gift. Go figure!

Bodhi joined us at Cox Farms too. I think his favorite part was climbing the train.

Silent fight over a steering wheel. Note the fingers prying Sophie's hand off the wheel. To be fair, he was there first!

Sophie's main entree for Easter dinner was a cupcake. Or at least the frosting and sprinkles.

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