Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sophie's Big Girl Room

Why, hello friends! I know I've been a horrible blogger in the past few weeks, posting once, maybe twice a week. And with pathetic entries, too. Well, I have a good reason (I promise). We've been so busy lately putting up two closet systems, emptying out our former office, and converting it into Sophie's big girl room. All the hard work paid off though, because with her new room!

Here is the ugliness that was Darren's office before. And this is much cleaner than it usually looks.

Halfway done cleaning.

"S" is for....well, you know...
The industrial metal letter "S" is from Anthropologie. We had all of our interior doors painted a hi-gloss black last weekend.

Ta-dah! Everything is done except for the window treatment. I'm thinking of doing bamboo blinds or roman shades.

The absolute best part of her room is the bookshelf wall. Sophie's first words when she saw this today were, "WOW. Cool."

The "Van Gogh" above the shelves is actually an oil reproduction in a gold gilt frame, given to us by Darren's parents. It lends a whimsical and colorful touch to the room, and emphasizes the high ceilings.

This handpainted dresser was bought by my sister at a yard sale for about $20. I changed out the knobs for ceramic ones from Anthropologie.

She just can't get over seeing all her books like this!

And finally, no more stuffed animals please! They are the bane of my existence. I use these wicker baskets to corral them all.


  1. I love it! You guys work so efficiently...that was fast!

  2. Hi Mily, you did a phenomenal job! I love everything about it, and kudos to Michou for the dresser find.

    Please let me know what selve did you use for Sophie's bookselves? And the baskets/bean bag. I'm looking to implement those items for Caden's room.

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Thanks you guys! Tiffanie - the shelves are actually RIBBA picture ledges from IKEA. We fastened them to the wall using heavy duty drywall anchors. They won't support a kid climbing on them, but they are very sturdy. Relatively easy to install. The bean bag is from Target (in the kids' room decor section) and was about $20. Cheapest bean bag I could find, and it works just fine for us.

  4. That dresser was a totally awesome find - so cute and so cheap! And the replacement knobs go well. Kudos on the nice use of that high-ceilinged wall, especially with putting that Van Gogh Starry Sky picture way up there, and the front-facing book shelves look like something right out of the bookstore's children section. Thank you for posting the info on where you got them (that they are actually picture ledges from Ikea!) and how you attached them to the wall. Cheers! :)

  5. Oh, oops! That's not Van Gogh's Starry Sky picture! I guess I scrolled through a bit too quickly earlier and just caught where you said Van Gogh and noticed the similar colors to that Starry Sky picture, so I assumed that's what it was. But after scrolling back up just now, I saw it's a different picture,... but it still looks really good up there! :)

  6. Your book display and library fit neatly into an adorable room. Thank you for sharing it.