Friday, October 23, 2009

At the Carwash

We have a lot of things going on this weekend, so Sophie and I were up and out of the house early today. We started off the morning by doing Meals on Wheels, and then came home and cleaned out our car. The inside of my car was getting pretty filthy, and since we have a little road trip planned for this weekend, I went to get it washed and detailed.

At one point, Sophie turned away from her video and noticed that she was in a dark, wet tunnel and she was not liking it.

Killing time inside the building, while our car is being cleaned.

Admiring the greeting cards, which have probably been there for years.

Pretty darn bored.


  1. cute boots :) i still credit you for being a founder of the whole uggs had them first!!

  2. To be fair, Jenny and I both got ours on the same day. And Sophie's are tight around the calves just like her mama :)