Saturday, October 3, 2009

Crafty Bastards, finally

After much anticipation, I finally got to see what all the hype was about today. Crafty Bastards 2009 appeared to be a huge (and I mean huge) success, with about half the population of the DC area attending. There were so many unique and interesting things to look at, so many shows, so many goodies to buy, so little time, so many crowds, so much sun...see where I'm going with this? By the end of the day, we were tired, hot and hungry...but we did manage to leave with some goodies.

Have I mentioned yet that it was crowded?

"Fun" was the theme of the day.

Art prints and screen-printed tee shirts seemed to be among the most popular booths.

General wackiness abounded

We had to hit up our favorite place for pizza and sliders afterwards.

Sophie was a good sport today.

I like the vintage and industrial touches at Matchbox, like these matchboxes set into our table.

Now do you see why we keep coming back here?

The Matchbox Meat

The Q Special

The Serrano & Pecorino

An examination of my spoils at the end of the night. A print for Sophie's room by Strawberry Luna.

Another print for Sophie by Jaime Zollars. I think that eventually I'd like to get this one, too.

And finally, for me: a screen printed tunic from Red Prairie Press.

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  1. OMG, those burgers look off the chain! Will definitely try Matchbox.