Saturday, October 3, 2009

Plate Wall Display

I have a long, dark and dreary staircase which has confounded me with its lack of decor options. I considered using it to display photos, which a lot of people do. But because the staircase was so long, the money to be spent on frames would've been steep (no pun intended!). Well as often happens, I was struck with inspiration yesterday after reading design*sponge. I decided to display a collection of random plates that I had, and to which I could easily add when I ran across a new one that interested me. I am loving John Derian's decoupage right now, so options are plentiful.

I'm starting off my wall display with these three plates.

Thank you, Martha Stewart, for showing me how to make my own plate holders. Start off with a thick wire. I chose 12 gauge floral wire from Michael's.

Measure the diameter of your plate. This one is 10 inches.

Cut two pieces of wire, each 3 inches longer than the diameter of your plate. These two pieces are 13 inches long. Bend them both into a V-shape. Take one and make a loop at the apex.

Turn your plate over, and thread the unlooped wire through the loop of the other wire. The looped wire should be the one facing towards the top of the plate.

Bend each wire tip over the edge of the plate, then use small needlenose pliers to make a small loop at the tip. Cut off any excess wire.

The finished plate should look like this. Use the loop in the back to hang the plate with picture hangers.

Here are the beginnings of my new plate wall display. I intend to have this run all the way up the stairwell and it'll be filled with additional plates over time.

The rest of the night was filled with preparing decorations for Sophie's birthday party. I seriously am so grateful for my extended family. I often have grand ideas, but they're the ones who help me execute them.

This isn't just a yummy's a candy garland! And it took a looong time to get this right.

Poms are becoming my signature decoration at parties.

Have a good night! I know I'll sleep soundly--I'm bushed!

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