Monday, October 5, 2009

Cox Farm

The weather this past weekend was perfectly autumnal--sunny and crisp. We took the opportunity to visit Cox Farms early Sunday morning, in an attempt to beat the crowds. Let me tell you, Disneyland's got nothing on this place when it comes to being the happiest place on Earth. I've never seen more kids and parents so excited to be anywhere before! And why wouldn't they be? There were slides galore, cute and accessible baby animals, hayrides, a corn maze, free cider, apples, and pumpkin souvenirs. What a way to spend a Fall day!

Sophie's face = pure joy!

Hi, goat!

Piglet feeding frenzy. I can only imagine how sore that sow is!

Picking a souvenir

Precious memories were made today.


  1. It was alot of fun! Loved the free cider and apples :) I hope Sophie had as much fun as I did.


  2. That place is awesome! We go every year (even before we had kids! HA!)

    - jen e