Thursday, October 15, 2009

Honest Kids Juice and Probugs Kefir

I've recently discovered two new drinks for Sophie which I really like. The first is Honest Kids Organic Juice. Juice is really not a staple of Sophie's diet, but I decided to introduce it so that she could have some variety. I tried drinking some of this, and it's very low sugar. Yes, I do know that means it's mostly water and you can get the same effect by watering down apple or grape juice. But for parents like me who need convenience, it's great. Also, what sweetness it does have is attributed to cane sugar, not high fructose corn syrup. It's available at Costco stores.

Another drink which both she and I love is Lifeway Probugs Organic Kefir. This is basically drinkable yogurt, and it's super yummy. It's an easy way to get good probiotics in your kids' systems. You can buy it at Whole Foods.

If anyone tries these at home, let me know how you or your little ones like it!

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  1. Let me know how much you pay for this at Whole Foods - I can get it through my food co-op for $4.77. I get their 32 ounce kefir and love it (they have it in strawberry, pomegranite, peach, raspberry, blueberry, vanilla and plain). They stock the probugs in Orange, Lime, and "Goo Berry" ;-) Let me know if it's cheaper and I can pick you up a case (or see if anyone wants to split a case). The case is $28.62.

    - jen e