Monday, November 16, 2009

Duck for Turkey Day

Since I have a multicultural family, it's important for me to expose Sophie to all sides of her mixed heritage. Oh sure, she can drink green beer on Saint Patrick's day in a few years, but it's not so easy for me to think of fun Vietnamese things that she could enjoy. For now, I'll settle for finding children's stories to which she might be able to relate. One timely story is Duck for Turkey Day, which tells the story of a Vietnamese-American girl dealing with her non-traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Here's the gist, from Barnes and Noble:

Before Thanksgiving, Tuyet's class makes turkeys out of pinecones and sings turkey songs. So she is dismayed to learn that her family will be eating duck for their holiday dinner. She breaks out her own money, but there is no turkey to buy at the Saigon Supermarket. Although Tuyet has fun on Thanksgiving, she is nervous about telling her class that she didn't eat turkey—until many classmates reveal that their families dined on dishes like lamb, enchiladas and tofu turkey. A lighthearted reminder about multicultural traditions during the holidays.

Props to my thoughtful husband, who found this in our local bookstore!

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