Friday, November 13, 2009

Sophie's Two Year Well Visit

The weather is miserable today, but we braved the wind and rain to go to the pediatrician's office for Sophie's two-year check-up. She was so much more rambunctious than usual, and it was tiring to keep her occupied while we were waiting. But it was nice to see our favorite pediatrician again, and he confirmed that she was looking good.

The good news:
Height - 34.5 inches (61%)
Weight - 31 lb (89%)
- good eating habits

Things we need to work on:
- more effective time-outs
- no more bottle!
- be firm at nighttime


  1. Ahh, yes. Night time. Isn't bedtime fun with a toddler? There are some moms that tell me their toddlers just "go to sleep". WHAT? I mean, we have some good nights, but we have some REALLY bad ones too. Good luck! I think she's still in a crib - just WAIT until she's in a big girl bed. It gets REALLY challenging then ;-)

    - jen e

  2. I know, I've had a twin bed waiting (unassembled) for months now, but I'm afraid to let go of the crib. I need the baby jail!! Otherwise, what's to stop her from running into our room at night?