Monday, August 24, 2009

Bensimon at J.Crew Crewcuts

I happened to be perusing the Crewcuts new arrivals section today and...*Gasp* When did J.Crew start selling Bensimon shoes for kids?? Have I missed it this whole time because I was only looking in the sale section? I've been looking high and low for a decent selection of Bensimon shoes for kiddos and here it's been under my nose at my favorite children's retailer this whole time! Which ones should I get for Sophie this Fall?

These hi-tops are so cute and funky, but a little hard to get on every morning.

We could have matching shoes!

I like the ease with which I could slip these on and off her feet.

These would be so "Sophie", and her trademark red shoe color, too!

all images via J.Crew


  1. Bensimon are hands down the cutest shoe line out there right now. I think they're available online at SHOPBOP.COM also.

  2. i like the high tops and the red shoes

  3. Thanks for the suggestions! I think I'll have to get the red ones since they're the only ones available in her size. I checked out shopbop, but sadly, they only sell adult shoes.