Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sur La Table Cooking Class

For Jenny's 29th birthday today, my sister Michou, Jenny and I took a cooking class at Sur La Table in Pentagon Row. Our class topic was "Steakhouse Workshop" and the objective was to learn how to choose different cuts of steak and prepare them with side dishes.

The class was billed as a "hands-on" workshop, but unfortunately when we arrived, the instructor told us it would be logistically difficult to have everyone cook, so he cooked and talked and we sat and ate. Kinda disappointing.

He prepared three courses for us: grilled hanger steak on an arugula salad with a mustard-caper vinaigrette, rib-eye steaks with bearnaise sauce and seasoned shoestring fries, and peppered new york strip steaks with worcestershire-glazed onions and portobello mushrooms (my personal favorite today).

In terms of taste, the food was OK. However, I did learn a few valuable tips about selecting meat, basic knife skills, and when to stop cooking the steak. The last part was especially handy, since I'm frequently making steak too well done. Overall, I probably would prefer a class where I can try my hand at cooking myself, but in the end, it was still a nice experience to share with Michou and Jenny. I'll share all three recipes in the next few days. For now, have a good night!

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