Saturday, August 15, 2009

Etsy Goody: Plum Cushion

Desire to Inspire pointed me towards the Etsy store of Plum Cushion this morning. Considering my Etsy obsession, I don't know why I haven't seen this before. Plum Cushion offers throw pillows made from designer fabrics like Kelly Wearstler and Lee Jofa. The pillows are beautiful and the prices are in line with what you'd pay at a brick and mortar store, however I think that Plum Cushion's selection and eye for matching designs is what makes her store a stand-out.

I've been thinking about adding an accent color to my living room, which is mainly decorated in browns, grays, blacks and whites. Should I add yellow accents:

Even when the trend is long gone, I'll still love ikat

Or navy and white?

I like the graphic repetition of this navy pattern against the simplicity of the white basketweave


  1. I am loving the color yellow lately...but I totally love the idea of white with navy accent. You're couches are already white, so it's perfect! I'm even thinking ahead...and I think that this might be my color scheme for my dorm room.